Life Lessons from Mother-in-Law: Living with CFS

Having your mother-in-law around gives you an unpleasant feeling as the days of being with her can lead to misery and interruptions with your normal days, especially when you have CFS. But this is not the case when you experienced living with your mother-in-law for years.

It is never easy to have your mother-in-law around while dealing with the debilitating symptoms of CFS. Here are some points that might help you to cope with both:

Some Perks When You Live With Your Mother-in-law

When a friend asks you to accompany her to sell something in your neighborhood, and you’re not in your normal state, you can answer with an easy “No.” You can always use your mother-in-law as a valid excuse like “my mother-in-law is coming tonight.”

It is Not Bad to Live With CFS at All

Living with CFS has its good and bad times, similar to your relationship with your mother-in-law.

Be Kind

When you live with your mother-in-law, it is best to be kind all the time. A peaceful, patient, and nurturing approach can go a long way as you can have a “remission” period (when talking about CFS), it is when your symptoms can subside and you get your energy back.

You Can Lose Every Battle

Most mother-in-laws have intimidating characters. Bad times will be experienced sometimes, just like when you are having a relapse period with CFS. All you can do during this time is offer and drink tea with her and assurance that all is well.

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