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Life Lessons from Mother-in-Law: Living with CFS

Having your mother-in-law around gives you an unpleasant feeling as the days of being with her can lead to misery and interruptions with your normal days, especially when you have CFS. But this is not the case when you experienced living with your mother-in-law for years.
It is never easy to have your mother-in-law around while dealing with the debilitating symptoms of CFS. Here are some points that might help you to cope with both:
Some Perks When You Live With Your Mother-in-law
When a friend asks you to accompany her to sell something in your neighborhood, and you’re not in your normal state, you can answer with…

Effective Strategies to Cope with CFS

Everyday Healing is a book written by Janette Hillis-Jaffe, a health consultant. The book is all about habits on how to cope with CFS effectively. In her book, she also shared her battle against CFS from 2002- 2008.
She experienced being bedridden accompanied by debilitating symptoms like fatigue, intense pain, intermittent bronchitis, and vertigo. She went to different doctors to have a precise diagnosis, but the most accurate one is chronic fatigue syndrome.
For Janette, living with CFS and its symptoms is difficult, but the challenging parts are forgetting how to live normally and dealing with people who do not understand …

Diet Regimen to Lessen Chronic Fatigue Periods

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a weakening condition that can severely impact your life. But some treatments can be delivered to lessen its symptoms, as mentioned earlier.
Diet can have a potential effect on combating CFS, according to experts. However, most people who suffer from this condition have little knowledge of the specific diet they should take. Hence, you should pay attention to the foods that can alleviate symptoms and those that can worsen CFS to make sure you are ingesting the right food.
Below are some lifestyle changes you should try:
Stay Hydrated
It is essential to drink plenty of water even if …