Effective Strategies to Cope with CFS

Everyday Healing is a book written by Janette Hillis-Jaffe, a health consultant. The book is all about habits on how to cope with CFS effectively. In her book, she also shared her battle against CFS from 2002- 2008.

She experienced being bedridden accompanied by debilitating symptoms like fatigue, intense pain, intermittent bronchitis, and vertigo. She went to different doctors to have a precise diagnosis, but the most accurate one is chronic fatigue syndrome.

For Janette, living with CFS and its symptoms is difficult, but the challenging parts are forgetting how to live normally and dealing with people who do not understand the condition. While suffering from the condition, she was still doing a full-time job and came up with the habits to manage her symptoms and regain her health.

Here are some strategies worth noting:

Take Care of Your Heart

Practice managing your emotions daily by keeping a journal, medication, or counseling to help in your healing process. Janette was a member of the counseling community where she attended sessions with her co-counselors. These sessions enabled her to overcome fear, anger, and grief that could possibly pull her down.

Take Charge

It is essential to recognize your condition and take responsibility for your healing process while your doctors serve as your health consultants. Janette changed her approach after knowing her condition and decided to prepare herself to fight CFS. She attended all her medical appointments with her friends, asked questions, listed her symptoms, and looked for possible treatments.


Have a positive attitude towards yourself and believe in your ability to heal and get back to being healthy.

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