Diet Regimen to Lessen Chronic Fatigue Periods

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a weakening condition that can severely impact your life. But some treatments can be delivered to lessen its symptoms, as mentioned earlier.

Diet can have a potential effect on combating CFS, according to experts. However, most people who suffer from this condition have little knowledge of the specific diet they should take. Hence, you should pay attention to the foods that can alleviate symptoms and those that can worsen CFS to make sure you are ingesting the right food.

Below are some lifestyle changes you should try:

Stay Hydrated

It is essential to drink plenty of water even if it is not the cure. Since dehydration can contribute to fatigue, hydration can still improve your condition and allow you to maintain good health.

Eliminate Inflammatory Foods

One CFS’ symptom that you should watch out for is inflammation. Experts suggest adding anti-inflammatory foods to your diet. A few good examples are olive oil and fish.

Reduce Caffeine Intake

Caffeine intake is known to help in boosting your energy, but it has consequences. A small amount of caffeine intake is acceptable, but do not exert too much energy and ensure that caffeine will not affect your sleep pattern.

Have a Journal of Your Symptoms and Food Intake

Keeping a journal of your food intake is recommended to know which food can worsen or improve your symptoms. It is also helpful to keep a record of your daily experience with CFS for your doctor to keep track of your daily progress.

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