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FM & CFS/M.E. Support Groups

Section Overview
Support group resources to share
Canadian groups
Other related groups
Groups outside Canada
Support group resources to share
FM-CFS Canada has been creating resources that can be re-used by others across the country, please feel welcome to do so. Contact us to take on a piece of the plan.

  • We can help your group be found
  • Share promotional materials that you can customize
  • A common media kit with strategy, stats, costs, etc.
  • A national action plan – join in please!
  • Video, with more to come.
  • Documents: FM & CFS issues survey; Vision & Business Plan; support letters; studies, decisions, etc.

    The groups listed below presented a national plan to Government as a coalition:

    National Groups

    FM-CFS Canada
    National ME/FM Action Network

    There are two national charitable organizations for CFS/M.E. & FM in Canada.
    Lydia Nielson, M.S.M., President of the National ME/FM Action Network, has been on the FM-CFS Canada Advisory Board since 2002. Odile Gérin, a Vice President of the National ME/FM Action Network, joined the FM-CFS Canada Advisory Board in 2005 to increase day-to-day cooperation. Since mid-2005, Lydia and Odile have been involved in FM-CFS Canada’s internal communications, and attended formal and informal meetings of the Board as part of the planning and policy development process. The Network’s Quest newsletter even devoted two columns to FM-CFS Canada.


    British Columbia

  • BC ME & Fibromyalgia Society
  • M.E. Victoria Association
  • South Okanagan Fibromyalgia Association
  • Nelson FM Support Group







  • Fibromyalgia Support Group of Winnipeg (3 groups)
  • Southwest Manitoba FM & CFS Support
  • Manitoba M.E./C.F.S.





  • Lanark County FM/ME/CFS Support
  • FM Support Ottawa West (Kanata)
  • Ottawa FM Support (Nepean)
  • M.E. Self Help (M.E.S.H.) Ottawa
  • East Ottawa FM & CFS (Orleans) – NEW!
  • Franco-Fibro (Casselman)
  • Rockland FM/CFS/ME Support Group
  • Ottawa Community Support Coalition




          Nova Scotia

  • Halifax/Dartmouth support group


          New Brunswick

  • Moncton support group


          Newfoundland & Labrador

  • Fibromyalgia Self-help Group of Newfoundland & Labrador – Cornerbrook
  • Fibromyalgia Self Help Group of Newfoundland and Labrador


         Prince Edward Island