FM & ME/CFS Legal Research

FM & ME/CFS Legal Research
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FM-CFS Canada’s research project:

Objective: To lower patients’ legal costs.
Objective: To help more patients and lawyers win their cases, to advance case law.
Strategy: Identify the information lawyers find helpful, organise for easy comparison.
Invite Pro Bono law students to do the research, with lawyers to oversee them.
Organise and share the research freely.


What this legal research is, and isn’t:

A review of FM & ME/CFS cases to record selected facts and opinions. This comparative data can help assess what works and what does not. Note, there are many aspects of the cases not being measured. The research saves lawyers from doing the research over and over. A lawyer is beginning to review it to write a summary. We’ll be adding research from more provinces, more areas of law.


The Cases Researched:

The research applied questions to every case. The observations may help, they may not.
The research information will be published as PDF booklets, each focussed on a domain of law.

Canada Pension Plan – Part 1
Canada Pension Plan – Part 2
Canada Pension Plan – Part 3

Ontario insurance case law

British Columbia law 

 FM & ME/CFS Legal Research


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