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Email: (Please note: no longer in use, if you have used this email address please update your address book to “”)


Toll-Free: 1-877-437-HOPE (4673)


FM-CFS Canada
310-1500 Bank Street
Ottawa, Ontario K1H 1B8

Telephone & Email Policy:

We are very happy to receive and respond to your telephone and E-mail enquiries about anything we post on our website and any question that fits within our remit (please see our goals on the About Us tab). We are constrained however in that we cannot offer medical advice, advice about medication, legal advice or help you to find a doctor.

We do have links to support groups on our website but if there is not one near you, then we would be happy to talk with you and provide whatever materials you might need should you wish to start a local group.

Most Provincial governments now offer web-based help to assist you in finding doctors in your area. Likewise pharmacists have been identified as good sources of help with both your medication and supplemental needs.

Finally we do not do any legal advocacy but we can recommend joining the National ME/FM Action Network that really does an excellent job in advocacy, legal support and offering advice on disability aspects.

Our charity’s limited resources and volunteer efforts are directed towards producing digital information, such as the educational guides for health practitioners, and the videos, all available for free on our web site.