MP moral support campaigns

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Please write to Members of Parliament to ask for:

1) a letter of moral support to post online,
2) a review of FM & ME/CFS by the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Health,
3) a motion to forever and officially declare May 12th as an Awareness Day for FM and M.E. / CFS,

Here is the motion & vote being proposed by Conservative MP Rick Dykstra, #292 on the order paper:

“That, in the opinion of the House, the government should designate the
twelfth day of May as Fibromyalgia and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis / Chronic
Fatigue Syndrome Awareness Day and should raise public awareness of issues
surrounding these syndromes and empower the estimated one million
Canadians who suffer from these syndromes.”


What FM-CFS Canada has done:

1. FM-CFS Canada wrote to every MP in February asking for moral support and a May 12th vote..
2. We met Conservative MP Rick Dykstra, a member of the Parliamentary Health Committee,
and he asked the Chair to include FM & ME/CFS on their agenda.
3. We asked MP Rick Dykstra for a House of Commons motion & vote to recognise May 12th, he will!.
4. Last year, we asked the Senate to pass a motion recognizing May 12th, they did.
5. Made an easy-to-use list of all MPs email addresses. Follow link further down this page.


If you want to write to the Health Minister

Write to the Federal Health Minister, please nicely tell him our community needs support and research.
(remember, the Conservative Party isn’t responsible for ignoring us for the past dozen years)
Here is the Health Minister’s email address:   The Honourable Tony Clement