Guidelines for Measuring Energy

Guidelines for Measuring Energy
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Karnofsky Scale adapted for use in CFS

100% Totally well; no concerns about fatigue. You can think clearly and do several things at once. You can exercise to your maximum potential without any problems.

90% Energy good but you feel fatigued after hard exercise.

80% You feel well with respect to your energy but must monitor your energy through the day. Your thinking is good but not quite clear. Tasks are easy and you can still do multiple tasks at once. You are fatigued after moderate exercise. Full time work is possible for most.

70% Your overall energy is OK but everything you do is much more difficult and your energy is easily shifted. Your thought processes are much slower and more difficult and memory is poor. Exercise tolerance is poor and any strenuous exercise will make you feel unwell while light activity is tolerable. You can achieve a full day (8 hours) of tasks, but it requires a high degree of effort. You are too tired to do anything additional such as socializing. Full time work is possible only if you do not have to do any household tasks, errands or childcare. Part time work is possible for most.

Guidelines for Measuring Energy

60% You are able to complete 1/2 day of tasks and feel tired during it. Your thinking and memory are poor. You must rest at some point in the day. Even with rest, there is no part of the day in which you feel normal with respect to energy or can think clearly. Part time work is possible only if hours are flexible to coincide with your energy peaks and you do not have to do any household tasks, errands or childcare.

50% Your energy only allows you to do about 3 tasks per day (2-3 hours of activity). Your energy is easily drained. Thought processes are difficult. Your exercise tolerance is poor; walking up stairs is difficult.

40% You can only perform 2 light tasks per day. Physical exercise is not tolerable. Your thought processes are very slow and your memory is poor.

30% You can only perform one light task per day, any extra physical movement makes you feel unwell. You have difficulty reading and writing.

20% You are unable to perform any daily tasks; even going to the bathroom is tiring. The most physical exertion you can manage is to sit in a chair for short periods. Emotions are very unstable and fluctuate without warning.

10% You are in bed for most of the day and you have zero tolerance for anything extra. You are frequently too exhausted to even eat.